Things I Need To Know

*A personal introduction which includes your age and ethnicity.
*When or if it's OK to return your call.
*Whether it's alright to leave a message on your voicemail.
*Recent provider references  if you have any.
*Hobby boards/verifiction services memberships if you belong to one.
*Whether you're thinking of an incall or outcall.
*Where or how you learned of me.

Please think of other ways to confirm that you are who you represent yourself to be.
That holds true even with provider references and/or board memberships.
I don't usually like to rely on them alone.

I am obviously very selective about who I share my time with.
If my screening isn't something you're comfortable with I understand.
There are plenty of  ladies who will visit with you with no screening at all.
It's for you to decide if that's the kind of lady you really want to see.

Aything you're willing to share that helps me feel more comfortable being alone with you is always a plus.
The more comfortable I am now...the better time we'll have then

P.S. I usually don't answer voice calls unless I know the caller or am expecting the call

Feel Free To Text  Though:
Chloe Anne Christopher

The Erotic Review: 212396
Date-Check: CH9324f
P411: P107488
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Phone Number:
Detailed Info: